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Rock Paintings In Basilicata

If you want to know an art form born together with man, then you have to reach the Basilicata to explore the cave paintings that have been discovered over the years.

The cave paintings in Basilicata representing the first traces of a conscious art form expressed by cavemen who had sensed this new form of communicating their expressions to those who would have seen at any time.

Rock Paintings In Basilicata

Rock Paintings In Basilicata

1. Rock Paintings in Basilicata: The Important Evidence of Filiano

Almost eight hundred meters high, well sheltered by a rock that is inside the forest of Lagopesole you can admire the first cave paintings in Basilicata that are not only witnesses of the human presence in this territory, but his need to express a primitive art form.

He was baptized “shelter Rinaldi” This rocky ridge, from the name of the person who first discovered and represents an interesting glimpse into the world epi-Paleolithic and Mesolithic whose initial phase can be connected to approximately twelve thousand years ago. At that time, significant climatic and environmental changes saw the transition from cold to warm temperate.

The epochal climate change that originated many consequential events, They caused the loss of the vegetation as it had been until then and, mostly, the steady extinction of large mammals and animals of the cold climate like reindeer, mammoth and ibex during the end of the Paleolithic seeing, counter the rise of small mammals.

Change that will stimulate a socio-cultural process that will see, Neolithic era, the formation of stable organizations creating human settlements and the explosion of the agro-pastoral culture.

This summary by the historical ethno-anthropological flavor is needed to understand the context within which it developed the art represented by cave paintings in Basilicata, by the hand of a man who had gradually abandoned his travels and to live only of hunting, to recline in what would have been the beginnings of a civilization that could see the progress of its evolution.

From the collection of the fruits the earth, breeding of animals, to hunt small mammals, This proto our parents began to raise the forms of a society based on the organization.

The only cave paintings discovered so far in Basilicata, lead us precisely Filano area called Tuppo Sassi characterized from the mountain where, These artistic works, determine the confirmation of a primitive society that lived on agriculture and hunting in the wild then this composed of wild boars, deer, chamois and roe deer.

The paintings were carried out using a wall of calcareous sandstone rock that turns out to be very sensitive to erosion of time where, unknown author, It has used a red color spread on the rock wall with his fingers.

2. What You'll see a Tuppo By using your Sassi

Even if you're a history buff, a thrill shiver run down your spine when you see the lines time-worn but still deducible, that depict groups of deer that are recognizable by their stages and that in some cases, are preceded by a small figure bilobed anthropomorphic that, in a scene, Apparently riding a kind of quadruped.

One would think, viewing with imagination, groups of primitive men around a fire acts to dine while one of these reproduced at the elementary level, hunting scenes as if to capture the everyday of his life.

The natural shelter has a height six meters and is sunken into the rock with the shape of a half arc. The stones that lie on the ground on either side, They are the sign of an obvious collapse. The images are realized with red ocher and are distributed over an area of 52 centimeters tall and 46 width.

According to the scholar who discovered the cave painting, it is a hunting scene with deer and caprines where men and two are recognizable prey caught in a snare. On the right, invece, It is a painting formed by three superposed oval bodies that might indicate the gods and, other confused and faded lines that run down, hint that the work stretched toward the ground.

Rock Paintings in Basilicata:: Tuppo Sassi

Rock Paintings in Basilicata:: Tuppo Sassi


3. Rock Paintings in Basilicata: New findings from the ancient flavor

Of the recently undertaken research has uncovered other interesting findings that have been discovered by this rock Tuppo Sassi and are representative of a graffiti that wants to depict an animal and exactly, a quadruped.

If the Basilicata tells the life of a group of individuals that thousands of years ago, they built a primitive society telling with few colored lines or with a few scratches on the rock what they were doing, It must own to them the birth of our civilization today can discover its first steps.

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