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February in Basilicata

February in Basilicata


What to do in February in Basilicata? Here are a few ideas and suggestions to “to live” this wonderful Italian region:

February in Basilicata: Skiing and Snowboarding

Basilicata is beautiful in all seasons of the year, but if you go in February in Basilicata you can fully enjoy an unusual landscape, fun with deep snow of a bright whiteness and especially away from mass tourism winter.

In Lucano Apennine National Park, in the province of Potenza, It is one of the largest ski areas and equipped Basilicata, that of Sellata - Arioso.

Alla Sellata, mail to an altitude of up to 1.737 mt, you can practice your favorite winter sport in its 7 Km of slopes.

going, with one of his 9 installations, between rows of snow-covered beech trees you will have the feeling of being in a magical and amazing place. And if you're lucky, reached the top, the view is revealed in all its imperious beauty, giving you even glimpse a blue Tyrrhenian Sea.

In the pretty villages a few kilometers from the systems or nell'incontrastata quiet of nature, hospitality is varied: mountain chalet, holiday houses, and small hotels bed and breakfast. You have not spoiled for choice. Comfort, regional cuisine unmistakable scents, kindness and hospitality will make you return again and again.


The snowshoeing in the woods

An unforgettable experience that gives you your February in the Basilicata region is to walk with snowshoes to the snowy woods. Many hiking trails are also accessible to Sellata, but the charm that you will enjoy immersing yourself in the silence of the snowy beech forests of the Pollino National Park has no equal.

Populated by wild animals, think how exciting glimpse traces in the snow or hear the screech of an eagle suddenly pierce the air.

You can venture out alone, benefit from an experienced guide, or join one of the many organized tours. One way to meet other lovers of nature, bivaccare with them outdoors or in delicious subtrefuge heated by the roaring fire and where the food will appear the most delicious always.

But if you do not fear the night not give up a snowshoe hike in the moonlight, You forget even in the cold enchantment.

Near the Pollino two places are a must see: The town of Morano Calabro, one of the 100 most beautiful villages in Italy and the splendid Maratea, looking out over a sea in winter by the special charm.

At the highest point of the country you can admire the statue of the Redeemer, high over 20 mt and second only to the famous Rio de Janeiro.

February Festivals and celebrations in Basilicata

You can not say it was in February in Basilicata if you have not seen at least one of his characteristic carnivals. Masks and costumes of the folk tradition of Basilicata loudly animate the streets of countries.

An ancestral call and sometimes in some ways disturbing, but rich expressive force and energy. Even a special way to visit some of the most picturesque villages in the region.

Among the most evocative carnivals I suggest to Aliano, in the province of Matera, with its demonic horned masks along with other characters parade through the streets of the village to the sound of accordions and gloomy gloomy, archaic musical instrument of the southern tradition.

Animated by cowbells, thugs and black masks is instead the carnival Montescaglioso, probably the oldest.

Two other appointments are missed. During the sausage festival held the 3 February to Cancellara, in the province of Potenza, you can enjoy the legendary and tasty typical sausage, Lucania, and many other dishes of traditional cuisine of Basilicata, kindly offered to all visitors.

While during the feast of St. Valentine, patron of the town of Abriola, you will be inundated by the kisses that come from far boyfriends will give fire-lit bonfires in the streets of downtown.

Photo credit: Paolo Santarsiero on Unsplash

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