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The sink Carnival- Via the Celebrations

…via the Carnival of Sink

21-28 January 2017; 4 -11-18-25 February 2017; 4-5 March 2017

The-Domino- Carnival Sink

The-Domino- Carnival Sink

begins Carnival Sink every Saturday, until the 4 March (then a final party on 5 March), the Carnival it comes alive with parties organized by grassroots groups that offer dancing and hospitality to those who want to spend the whole evening.

All’ interno, for others, masked-organizing into groups with the typical Domino, The event takes place around the streets and feast on feast, asking the landlord to be able to get to do some dancing with the guests.

The sink Carnival He is back for the second year in intangible cultural heritage, and is preparing to become a strong attractor folklore and the entire tourist Basilicata.

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