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Valentine's Day In Basilicata: The Most Romantic Places What's on

If you decide to spend Valentine's Day together in Basilicata to your sweetie, with so many beautiful places to see you almost spoiled for choice. This Southern Italian region is a pearl of rare beauty, that needs so much fame not only beautiful scenery that characterize every corner but also to the peculiarity of its villages.

It is the ideal location, in conclusion, for a five-star feast of lovers by nature, enogastronomy and breathtaking views.

Valentine's Day In Basilicata

Valentine's Day In Basilicata


1. Valentine's Day in Basilicata: The romantic village of Abriola

Some do not know, perhaps even you, but the most romantic town of Italy is without a doubt Abriola, a small town in the province of Potenza.

In this beautiful village They have kept part of the relics of the saint who has lent his name to the feast of love.

On the occasion of Valentine's Day, ad Abriola, articolatissimo a program of events is drawn up to celebrate, just, the beauty of love. It is therefore a spectacular place to visit with your partner, It will appreciate the narrow streets full of history and views that seem enchanted.

After the ritual walk through the streets of the town of Potenza, to discover traditions and flavors, you can take part in the blessing of couples and go, then, tree of happiness.

Do not rush to go away, because in the evening there are fireworks and you can attend, later, the ceremony of flying lanterns, which are released into the sky along with messages of love.

2. Valsinni, The City of Love

Vanity Fair dice che Valsinni, in the province of Matera, is, come Abriola, one of the most romantic villages of the Bel Paese. It is a town of medieval origins, so fascinating that time, among its lanes, It seems almost to stand still.

But what's in Valsinni so beautiful that it deserves to be put on the list of the most beautiful places to see during your Valentine holiday in Basilicata?

Simple: the views, eg, that breathtaking define them would be extremely reductive as well as incorrect. And then, obviously, the castle overlooking the village, an architectural jewel unrivaled.

Valentine's Day in Basilicata: Valsinni

Valentine's Day in Basilicata: Valsinni

The town of Valsinni, who was awarded the orange flag that the Italian Touring Club assigns to the most characteristic places of the world, It is also famous for the love story that has consumed between those streets that date back to the most fascinating periods of history.

Is that, melting, that features Isabella Morra, a woman killed by her brothers because guilty of falling in love with a Spanish baron. Baron who made his very end, also guilty of having started with the young poet an affair not tolerated by her family.

The Romeo and Juliet of Basilicata, If we want, that inspired countless theater performances, film, songs, novels and events of all kinds. The love tour that takes place every day in Abriola will lead to the discovery of the places frequented by Isabella Morra, who inspired his love poems.

3. Valentine's Day in Basilicata: Together in the green of the Pollino National Park

If you want to organize your sweetheart a valentine in Basilicata by nature and adventure, you should take your him or her to your Pollino National Park. This wild and unspoiled place is known worldwide for its beautiful paths dipped, depending on the seasons, in the green or in the snow.

A place that is well worth seeing at least once in a lifetime, to exchange a tender kiss in the shade of a majestic pine loricato and to admire, strictly along, the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Coasts from vantage points scattered throughout the area of ​​the Park.

Be sure to also visit the river Lao, maybe at sunset, to be able to enjoy the quiet and serenity of such a fascinating ancestral place to be meta, every year, of thousands of tourists from around the world and eager to enjoy the thrill of rafting.

4. The love between the Sassi

Matera is a breathtaking city. also, as the National Park of the Pollino and the hamlets of Abriola and Valsinni, could be the ideal setting for a Valentine's Day in Basilicata all cuddles and effusions. It's not a casuality, certainly, that Unesco.

It is a magical place, fairy, to the point that it does not seem, at times, vero. The Sassi of Matera They are of course the main attraction, why in the world there is nothing even remotely similar to the historic center of this city. The perched houses are a priceless treasure, that will leave your sweetheart speechless.

Begin the tour of the Sassi from that Barisano, the highest and most panoramic point of the old Matera. From up there, you will realize how beautiful the place you have chosen to celebrate in style Valentine's Day: The perched houses, that look like a nativity scene, They will remain forever etched in the hearts and minds.

Also worth visiting the Sasso Caveoso, a sort of Roman amphitheater, and Vico Solitario, which houses a cave house that will help you get an idea of ​​how they lived, once, the Matera family.

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