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Christmas markets Basilicata 2017

The period in which we are entering in all of Italy is characterized by the presence of Christmas markets.


Christmas markets Basilicata 2017

Christmas markets Basilicata 2017


Christmas markets Basilicata 2017 in Potenza

A Power of the Christmas market area is that of Piazza Matteotti and adjacent streets. A very interesting location that allows you to see the remains of the past in the city, old buildings, squares and alleys, and then dive into a Christmas market where many local handicraft products that are really just ideas for gifts to give to family and friends, but also to buy for themselves.

A visit to the Christmas markets Basilicata in Potenza may also be accompanied by a visit to the city, to start from the two Aragonese towers that shade right in the same market, or in the district of the capital of the region, where no shortage of opportunities to have fun.

Among the attractions to visit, Also in this period, the bridge on the Basento and St. Vitus bridge, stone erected during the late Roman Empire at the behest of Diocletian and characterized by its very pronounced arches.

In the city there are many works religious architecture, like the Church of San Michele Arcangelo, the Cathedral of St. Gerard in which the remains of the saint, patron of the city, and the Church of St. Francis, with a convent.

The historic center of power still retains part of the wall which once served as a defense, with many input ports, of which today there are only three, Porta San Giovanni, Porta San Gerardo and Porta San Luca.

Christmas markets Basilicata 2017 Matera

Matera, the “City of Rocks”, with its very scenic environments and cave houses are the ideal setting for the Christmas markets. That materano arrived now in its eighth edition and takes place throughout the Christmas period, by providing a wide range of products visitors.

It ranges from food to handicrafts, which they are combined with pleasant walk into an environment that the Sasso Barisano to Sasso Caveoso allows you to combine shopping and culture, You can also choose guided tours.

In this period you can also take advantage of the opening of Santa's Village, which is located in the resort Venusio, on the highway that connects Matera to Altamura, at kilometer 12,7. Ideal place for your children, They can meet Santa Claus and deliver “letters”, meanwhile making pictures.

In Matera a civil monument of great value is the Castle Tramontano, built in the early '500 in Aragonese style and situated on a hill of the historic center of the city. It is characterized by its central location in male with two lower towers situated at the sides.

Among the religious buildings, the Cathedral of Santa Maria della Bruna, patron of the city, the Church of St. John the Baptist, the Church of Santa Maria di Idris and the many rock churches that are found throughout the city and beyond the ravine.

Christmas markets Basilicata 2017 Monticchio Lakes

In a beautiful location, the Badia San Michele, which it overlooks the small lake of Monticchio, Christmas markets are held in Monticchio Laghi, with many stands that offer the chance to taste typical products of the region and buy Christmas presents all handmade. Friday 8 December for your children there is the possibility of contributing staging Christmas.

The main attractions Monticchio Lakes are inherent in the natural beauty that surrounds this village, the nature reserve which sees the arrival of tourists not only in summer. Big Lake and Small Lake of Monticchio are inserted precisely in the reserve.

Besides the natural beauty they are to visit the Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo, dating from the eighth century and which served as a refuge for monks Basilian, and the Museum of Natural History, which occupies two floors of the same Abbey. Between the two lakes, to see even the ruins of the Abbey of St. Hippolytus remained after the earthquake that struck the area in the fifteenth century.
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