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Basilicata Coast to Coast Path

  Basilicata is one of the regions perhaps less known areas of our beautiful Italy, Yet if you still do not know her and decide to organize here your next vacation, you will realize as I did, than it really is beautiful and rich in natural and architectural treasures.   A[…]

February in Basilicata

  What to do in February in Basilicata? Here are a few ideas and suggestions to “to live” this wonderful Italian region:   February in Basilicata: Ski and Snowboard Basilicata is beautiful in all seasons of the year, but if you go in February in Basilicata you can fully enjoy a landscape[…]

Basilicata in Autumn

Visit the Basilicata in autumn is an experience that you should definitely. This season you will have way appassionarti with various historical sites, artistic and tourist region, to make some very interesting trekking through villages perched on mountains and white beaches and even taste the best[…]

Basilicata in Cars

Are you planning to organize a trip to Basilicata in the car and you're looking for advice and opinions? Without any doubt, you are in the right place. First of all, it is good that you know that Basilicata is a wonderful land where, as well as relax, you will have the opportunity to[…]

Route of the Seven Stones (Castelmezzano – Power)

When people say that Italy is a country of ancient traditions almost all forget, it tells the truth: but fortunately there are places that are struggling rather so that the memories of the past, which are fertile ground for the future, not be forgotten. I am a witness, for lucked,[…]

Camper routes in Basilicata

Basilicata, forested land, fields of sun-warmed, of dwellings carved into the limestone, fascinates with its medieval beauty. The sea of ​​Maratea, the peaks of the Pollino, the stones of Matera you proposing you capture the itineraries in Basilicata adventurous and sensational camper. Even if only for[…]

December Basilicata

Wanting to spend a holiday in Basilicata in December, I analyzed in detail route and places to visit, choosing from the many proposals that this beautiful region can also offer this season, Also helping with the web. Here are my picks.     December Basilicata: Matera, the City of[…]

Christmas markets Basilicata 2017

The period in which we are entering in all of Italy is characterized by the presence of the Christmas Markets.     Christmas markets Basilicata 2017 Power to the Power of A Christmas market area is that of Piazza Matteotti and adjacent streets. A very interesting location that allows you[…]

Mysterious Places in Basilicata

They set out in search of the mysterious places in Basilicata, fascinating region, keeper of secrets full of charm and legendary, visiting this land that tells compelling stories and magic, I breathed the charm of the mystery that surrounds it.   Mysterious Places in Basilicata: Castles The Rock of Lagopesole is[…]

The Museums of Basilicata

The many museums of Basilicata are testimony to the rich and varied past of this narrow region in the heart of the South. Borderland, step towards the caves of St. Michael and home to historical figures such as Frederick II and the Roman poet Horace, the region was inhabited[…]