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The property is managed by our family, con the restructuring of the Guesthouse we have created allto our idea of Hospitality that is simple but very accurate and never intrusive.

Our pleasant daily task is to give a smile and a great experience in Lagopesole, to all our guests of the Guesthouse.


“Here you will find the experience already gained over several years” Also tranquility, peace, the silence to relax, work, converse, study.

Here you will find the warmth and the’ Hospitality of a Pristine Earth, “chow dare you told by F. Ford Coppola” discover a wine and food culture you will see fields, vineyards, hills covered with wheat and beautiful landscapes.

Here you will see the Earth as it should be still preserved, still authentic, still pure!

And this is the real reason why we hope that many, choose to Discovering.

We are looking forward to Lagopesole.

Angelica & Donato