The Flight of the Eagle at St. Costantino Albanese

The Flight of the Eagle at St. Costantino Albanese, a unique experience!
Flight Eagle St. Costantino Albanese

Flight Eagle St. Costantino Albanese

When I went in Pollino National Park I already knew that I would have many things to see. This reserve of Basilicata in fact offers natural environments, flora and extraordinarily beautiful and fascinating wildlife.

But when they suggested me to go in the small town of St. Costantino Albanese, which is located in the province of Potenza, I am telling me that I could make a truly unique experience, I did not know what to expect. Only later I realized they had just given me a good advice.

In St. Costantino Albanese you can experience a tourist attraction that is only found in very few other areas of the world and here is unique because of the views that can be seen in this part of Italy. The attraction is called, and not coincidentally, Flight of the Eagle.

“The man has always had the desired flight” Today you can of course, but it is not the same as feeling like birds. This thrill can try only those who practice some sports such as hang gliding and paragliding…

But if you are not preparing physical fit as you can do? It must renounce definitively the desire to fly standing out a jump from a rocky outcrop and hovering in the clouds, just like the eagles? Not at all: you can go to the Eagle Flight to St. Costantino Albanese 🙂

who, clinging to 853 meters above sea level, It is a platform connected to a second platform which is located further downstream, a 579 meters above sea level. The two stations are connected by a cable 984 meters.

The entire structure is called Sky Glider e a St. Costantino Albanese It has the longest linear path between the 14 which they are installed around the world. It starts from the valley station, to climb slowly and then go down again like an eagle flying.

Come pushed up on a structure that is in all respects a hang glider, but it is not prey to the winds but it is firmly secured to the cable. This structure has four seats, then you can travel in the company to share this exciting experience.

Each passenger is ensured with safety ropes and harnesses under: protecting the health and wellbeing of the traveler comes first at all times. There is nothing to fear and that's why the Eagle's Flight St. Costantino Albanese is an experience that can really make anyone.

While waiting my turn I saw several small families: you can easily imagine how the more excited they were their own children who were eager to emulate their favorite superheroes flying in the sky, or to imitate Peter Pan playing with the clouds.

Above the glider is located a large shape reminiscent of the wings of an eagle, to make sure you can really empathize in this majestic bird, the ruler of the peaks and the highest heavens.

Flight Eagle St. Costantino Albanese

Flight Eagle St. Costantino Albanese: The Hang Glider

But believe eagle is not difficult, once you're on board: with a ski gliding mechanism is brought up to the summit, then left again down at a speed of 80 km/h: and here comes the fun.

Here you can believe I It changed shape and has acquired bird wings: you feel lighter, away from it all, and everything takes on a new form. The world is small little 🙂

If your traveling companions are dumb like you, or if you are just because you can make the flight even in solitary, you can only hear the wind whistling in your ears. Your eyes range of distances that you have never seen before, forced to the ground.

The journey that lasts a few minutes, but you seem to have covered the distance from the Earth goes to the moon: the deep emotion that fills you the immense privilege of being able to take a point of view that otherwise you're not allowed will accompany you for the rest of the day, and beyond.

I personally will never forget the wonderful feeling of being an eagle and able to embrace the world: The Flight of the Eagle St. Costantino Albanese is much more than just a tourist attraction, It is a true taste of freedom.
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1) Flight Eagle St. Costantino Albanese => TRM Network

2) Flight Eagle St. Costantino Albanese => TRM Network

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